Sports Medicine is a highly interdisciplinary field
of medicine

Here the focus lies on the analysis of inappropriate and excessive loads (biomechanical analysis) in sports, performance diagnostics and on teaching non-athletes controlled and targeted physical activity. Activation of the body on a regular basis is an important preventive aspect for it minimizes risk factors such as hypertension, obesity, lack of exercise, pain syndromes and many more.

Biomechanical treadmill analysis using video and pressure measurement technology

With our treadmill we analyze stance and gait mechanics and symmetry, weight distribution, gait pattern, ride and relief and misconduct. The technology allows to display an accurate balance in the highest resolution in the synchronization of video and pressure measurement . This type of diagnosis is based on the objectification of treatment indications , development of causalities in the pain event and also serves as a course of objectification after treatment

Spiroergometry for performance diagnostics and metabolic analysis

With the high-resolution analysis of respiratory gases and the determination of the aerobic- anaerobic threshold there are a lot of conclusions about the stress behavior in the body that can be drawn. In addition to parameters such as oxygen consumption , heart rate behavior , blood pressure behavior , simultaneous ECG recording we can virtually "take a look" in the inside of the body under stress.