By using physical influences the body can be affected and thereby healed

Physical Therapy utilizes laws of nature which have an impact on the body
Body tissues (muscle , tendons, ligaments, …) as well as the nervous system "understand" the language of physical energies (force , pressure , vibration , light waves , ultrasound , etc.) The Physical Therapy uses this understanding to create therapeutic effects. The different forms of pyhsical methods we utilize are free from negative side effects

High Energy Laser

The High Energy Laser utilizes ultra violet lightbeams of different wavelengths which contain a high capacity of energy. Because of that it is not reflected by the top layer tissues like ultra sound but penetrates deeply into certain tissues.

Inside the different wavelengths provoke mainly two effects: pain inhibition and metabolic stimulation of deep tissue. For local ( not projected ) pain , osteoarthritis pain and injuries to ligaments and tendons the aforementioned effects contribute significantly to the healing success.

3D vibration bench

This treatment strategy can achieve a variety of physiological reactions on the principle of three-dimensional vibration of different frequencies in combination with traction and optional heat . We use the effect of muscle relaxation , and relaxation especially for the preparation of osteopathic treatment .

The relaxed patient benefits more quickly from subsequent targeted pulses or manual techniques. A possibly related pain guarding the body can be so often interrupted even before the subsequent osteopathic treatment .

Vibration therapy using X - SAM

This modern type of vibration platform is the successor to the established "Galileo" therapy . Due to the many therapeutic options it can be used with movement and posture insufficiencies, instabilities , postoperative pain , musculoskeletal pain , obesity , overload pain in sports , osteoporosis and many other conditions. By reflex stimulation of the postural muscles with simultaneous three-dimensional movement through two independent plates the bone's metabolism is stimulated , sense of balance and proprioceptive input is trained (nerve feedback from the body to the central nervous system). Through individual programing we can put together an individual program almost for each load and power level .


A base plate is moved in an elliptical kind of motion with different movement amplitude and different rotational speeds employed to force the body to balance and stabilize. With various tasks exercises can be carried out in open, closed and locked muscle chain. By changing from eccentric to concentric exercising, endless variability of output positions and movements and optionally bio-feedback function the entire neuro motor function system, proprioception, balance, strength, flexibility and coordination workout can be trained.

I-Moove can be superbly used in the field of pain management, postural insufficiency, correction of the body axes, balance training, fall prevention and post-operative movement restriction. It can also be a challenge for professional athletes because it goes beyond the usual sport specific training and also represents a useful addition to the usual training program.