In the natural healing therapy we use naturally occurring substances or endogenous regulation ressources to achieve a therapeutic goal.


By using the classical body acupuncture we can achieve a positive influence pain and autonomic body functions. We use acupuncture as an adjuvant particularly when dealing with insomnia , migraine headaches , allergies and musculoskeletal pain .

Ozone Therapy

This is a self-blood therapy. Blood is taken an is brought to react with oxygen converted into ozone. It then flows back into the vein . As the main effects the ozone reacts with the hemoglobin ( red blood pigment ) so increases the oxygen binding capacity mediated by the release of messenger molecules ( interleukins ). It provokes a stimulation of the immune system and improves blood circulation situation by changing the rheological flow characteristics.

We have successfully used ozone therapy since 2007 in the treatment of circulatory problems such as as diabetes ,after long infections and antibiotic therapy, for the stabilization of the immune system after chemotherapy as part of a tumor disease therapy, rheumatoid arthritis , autoimmune diseases (eg Crohn's disease ), and many other diseases in which the aforementioned effects can be useful .

Nutritional Medicine

In the field of nutritional medicine we mainly aim on adjusting the metabolism (metabolism) and indirectly take stress away from the musculoskeletal system . Based on the body composition analysed by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) , nutrition log , blood analysis , BMI and mechanically static assessment of the impact of obesity we develop a nutrition and physical activity strategy that enables our patients to tackle overweight and obesity by using both exercise and diet