Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.
(You have to pray that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.)


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Mind and Body – both components are the essentials of a human body for a meaningful, active, and self-determined life.

Without thinking too transcendentally or spiritually, the psychosomatic (influence of the mind onto the body) as well as the somatopsychic (influence of body pains onto the mind) should be in their exchanging relation a major part of a sophisticated therapy process.

The own responsibility for the body (we only have one for this life!), as well as the effort to have a mental balance, are basics of a successful therapeutic approach. The active searching, understanding, and deciding, take a major part to a sustainable health development (Salutogenesis).

It is the attempt of our doctor’s office to offer such a therapy to the patients as a “real alternative” and to accompany them on their individual way.