Dr. Schelter


Dr.med. Torsten Schelter, M.E.S.

1992-1999 Studies of Humane Medicine at the universities of Tübingen, Bordeaux (F), Erlangen
1998-2000 Doctoral Studies in “Sports Medicine, Performance Philosophy” at Prof. Dickhuth
1999-2001 Master of European Studies (M.E.S.), RWTH Aachen, Master of European Health Care”
2000-2007 Medical specialist further education at:
Prof. Fichter, Hospital Roseneck, Prien, Psychosomatics, and Inner Medicine
Dr. Sieber, Hospital Luitpold, Kötzting, Orthopathy
Dr. Ertl, Doctor’s office and department, Cham, Surgery
Prof. Casser, Dr. Middeldorf, Klinikum Bad Staffelstein,
Rehabilitation and Pain Therapy
Prof. Aeschlimann, Bad Zurzach Hospital (CH),
Rehabilitation and Rheumatology
Okt. 2007 Establishment and building up an own doctor’s office in Anbach (until 2011 with health insurance admission, since 2011 as a private doctor’s office)

Postgraduate Training

Sonography of the postural and musculoskeletal system (March 2003)
Acupuncture (WHO – education center, Peking), Prof. Hu (November 2004)
Naturopathic treatment (May 2005)
Osteopathy at the German Osteopathy College (DOK) Prien under Ltg. Philippe Druelle, Canada
Chirotherapy (MWE) (August 2006)
Sports Medicine
Nutrition Medicine at Physicians Association “Kneippärztebund (KÄB) (May 2007)
Osteopathic Medicine Certification (DAAO) (Nov. 2009)
Lymphology (June 2010)
Osteopathic Medicine Diploma (DAAO) (April 2011)
EROP Diploma Osteopathic Medicine (September 2011)
Since 2010 regular participation in lessons at Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki, Japan, for expansion
of the knowledge of the “Vital React Therapy” and visits at the doctor’s office by Dr. Yamasaki in Ansbach

Work experience and hospitations

1991-1992 Medical pre-study internship in the Sportsmedicine Department at the University Tübingen
1994 Provincial General Hospital of Nakuru, Kenya
1995 China-Clinic, Kötzting
1996 Urban Hospital, Blumenau, Santa catarina, Brazil
1997 Centro de Investigacion del occidente (CIBO), Guadalajara, Mexiko
1998 University Hospital Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentinia
1999 Hôpital St. Martin, Réunion, Frankreich
1999 University Hospital Colima, Mexico
1999 Hospital Amberg

Connected to Sports

Bavarian team championship-second place in table tennis (AK III)
City- and district champion in cross-country skiing
Tennis coach (C-license) and team player in several clubs as well as member of the instruction team of the University Tübingen
Participation at competitions among other things in squash, triathlon, and half marathon
License to play golf courses since 2007